DINO MITE is a 39x11min TV-Show for children.


And a 80mins featurefilm.


And a game.


A universe full of adventure, fun, friendship and drama in a prehistoric world, in which Dinos are the leading species.


All based on the charming childrens books by Ute Krause, published by Randomhouse.

Produced in a mixed animation style. Backgrounds are all handcrafted in stop-motion style, all transferred into CGI via photogrammetry and finished, along with the CGI-characters, in a specially designed, sophisticated, nerdy pipeline.


Dino, a resourceful young dinosaur, and his extraordinary pet Lucy, a headstrong "cave girl" takle the adventures and challenges of childhood with friendship and heaps of crazy ideas.





This is the first teaser done for Dino Mite. 

TV-show is to be produced first, currently aiming for a delivery in early/mid 2021.


Followed by feature-film and accompanied by a game.


Second teaser, done for Cartoon Movie 2019.




TRIKK17's work encompasses all areas of professional animation production, ranging from developing the initial ideas and concepts to character designs, story boarding, animation, direction and finally post-production. 


Founded as a stop motion studio in 2001, TRIKK17 has developed into an allround-animation studio and is successfully producing awardwinning stop motion, cell animation, cutouts, mixed techniques with CGI and live-action muppets. 


The mix of solid handcraft and latest studio techniques, along with a dedicated team of specialists, results in charming and unique productions for television, cinema, publishers, clients from the industry and advertising agencies. 


Besides comissioned productions like commercials, TRIKK17 develops its own formats for TV, cinema and internet and is a reliable partner for international co-productions.


M.A.R.K.13 is a one-stop shop for media solutions new and old, guiding clients through the production process via creative input and technical knowledge - from pitches through development to final delivery.

Employing a dedicated team of talented in-house professionals, M.A.R.K.13 focuses on storytelling throughout the full range of media production.

With the capacity to deliver any job from concept to post-production, from character development to VFX, we step up to deliver state-of-the-art animation.

Never loosing sight of the bottom-line, M.A.R.K.13 has been branching out into stereoscopic feature animation since 2010, as well as producing short works by artists-in-residence.




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