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Dinomite, a resourceful young dinosaur, and his extraordinary pet Lucy, a headstrong "cave girl" tackle the adventures and challenges of childhood with friendship and heaps of crazy ideas.

DINOMITE is a 39 x 11min TV-Show for children ... and a 80mins featurefilm ... and a game.


A universe full of adventure, fun, friendship and drama in a prehistoric world, in which Dinos are the superior species.


Mankind? Never heard of until LUCY shows up.


All based on the charming children’s books by Ute Krause, published by Randomhouse.


Watch the actual Teaser/Trailer that we produced for the 2019 CARTOON MOVIE edition, that showcases the look and feel for the TV-Show and the planned feature film.

Below you can then explore the ideas and design processes that have happend to this point, starting in around 2017, when we purchased the filming rights. 

Teaser No.2 DINO MITE - TV-Show & Feature Film

Teaser No.2 DINO MITE - TV-Show & Feature Film

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Prod Notes 01

PRODUCTION NOTES 01 - The Beginnings

Starting of in 2017 we began with extensive research on the pre-historic world of DINOMITE.

Of course there was already a lot in the original books, but since we wanted to take it a large step further, new ideas and perspectives were taken into account.

So, first explorations took place.

Prod Notes 02

PRODUCTION NOTES 02 - Character Development PROTI

One character that we developed early on, that wasn't in the original books, was PROTI. We felt we needed some sort of sidekick to the sidekick, a character that you could throw into a story and that then would create a lot of chaos, fun and action.

Since we are set in a pre-historic world, we were quite free on this end and came up with PROTI, who is some sort of "prototype", a "freak of evolution" if you like. PROTI is one of a kind and doesn't really know himself what hides within him.

If he needs feet, PLOPP, there they are.

If he needs wings, PLOPP, here they are.

If he needs teetht, PLOPP, here you go.