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The Project




Back in the day, dinosaurs rule the world.

DINOMITE is one of them and LUCY - is his human pet!

For this odd couple – Dinomite‘s head buzzing with ideas and Lucy full of boundless cave girl energy - every day brings new adventure and excitement!

DINOMITE is a 39 x 11min TV-Show for children ... and a 80mins featurefilm ... and a game.


A universe full of adventure, fun, friendship and drama in a prehistoric world, in which Dinos are the superior species.


Mankind? Never heard of until LUCY shows up.


All based on the charming children’s books by Ute Krause, published by Randomhouse.

PRODUCTION NOTES 05 - Main Characters

We are very proud to show first poses of our beloved main characters, DINO, LUCY and PROTI.

Stay tuned for more to come soon.


Today we want to take you to FERNHAM. The cosy little town were DINOMITE, LUCY and all the other characters live and prosper.

Where they challenge everyday life, fall in love, meet obstacles, supersede them, meet friends and enemies, go to school, work, make a living and have loads of fun.

See how we develop the town and the places within, from scribbles to modeling to final texturing and shading.

A huge playground for all sorts of adventures to take place.

Looking forward to them.